One-to-one yoga classes

The hours I have spent doing One-to-One yoga with Heidi has given me more than I could have imagined – physically, mentally and the two in combination. Heidi is an insightful teacher, and makes you feel welcomed and at ease from the first class. For me, Heidi’s One-to-One yoga classes have been hours of serenity in a sometimes hectic world.
Although the classes are without press and do not stress on achievements, I haven’t been able to not notice how it class by class has changed me. My body has step by step become more and more able to go deeper in to poses, and also manage to do poses I simply couldn’t do before. The various types of yoga I have tried have also gotten me do explore the meditative aspect of yoga more than ever before, in which I have developed hugely.
Since there’s no big group, Heidi has the opportunity to give you the help you need, have a conversation and personalize the classes, so that you get the most out of them.

– Caroline Ringstad